Summer Company! Where I got my start!

Do you know a young entrepreneur trying to start their own business? Or are you one yourself? Summer Company is a government program that provides young entrepreneurs with everything they need to start up their own business…this includes some CASH!

Last year I was introduced to Summer Company by a former participant and knew that it was something I should look into. I didn’t want to work at McDonalds all summer long, I wanted to start my business (something I was in the midst of going to school for) and gain some experience in the field before I finished with school.

By the time I learnt about Summer Company I only had 2 weeks until the application was due! By some miracle, and help from my my own entrepreneur mother, I finished on time. There were several times I wanted to give up because creating the required business plan seemed impossible in such a short time. Let me tell you….it was so worth it!

Summer Company Participants from St Catharines & Niagara Falls

Summer Company Participants from St Catharines & Niagara Falls

After the business plan/application is submitted there is an interview. I nearly missed the interview! Wanting to look my best I ran to Walmart to quickly buy some black flats (because flip flops didn’t seem the most appropriate choice). My ride , AKA my older sister was late picking me up! With only 13 minutes to get from Welland to downtown St Catharines I was panicking. Surely being late would not look good. Now Kristy Stortz is not known for speeding and making illegal left turns…but to get her little sister to this interview she did what she had to do.

I made it to the interview only 1 minute late…aced it with confidence…and the rest is history.

I went from having two part time jobs that I really didn’t enjoy, to zero jobs, but I was running my own business, gaining priceless experience and most importantly I was happy!

With biweekly mentor meetings, daily journals, and $30

00.00 in start up money I was on my way to starting my own business. For me it wasn’t just a summer company, it was the beginning of a business I will be running for years to come.

If I could do it anyone can do it! You won’t regret it!

To learn more check out the following link to see if you are eligible!

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