Why are artists expected to work for free?

In every profession people are expected to work for free at some point, but artists come across it more and more in today’s society. 

As an entrepreneur starting out my own business I regularly post ads on Kijiji. Kijiji should have a new slogan “Our ads are free but don’t expect free stuff”. Here is a perfect example of someone expecting something for nothing.  “I am a guy looking to have photos taken of me, which I can use online for resumes. I am NOT looking to pay for the service just to have somebody who can take good photos. Thanks please get back to me as soon as you can

This comes across to me as greedy and selfish. Instead of expecting someone qualified to take free photos of you, why don’t you offer to advertise for them? Let them give you a stack of business cards and fliers. PAY IT FORWARD! 


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