Why Our Partnership Works

I have heard teachers, friends and experienced photographers all say “Don’t go into business with a friend”…but what about a boyfriend? 

Recently I have teamed up with my boyfriend Joseph (sounds too formal so I’m going to refer to him as I normally do…”Joey”) of Joseph Brunner Photo, to tackle event photography together. Joey has recently taken an interest in video which makes us an awesome pairing in my mind. He’s already great at photography so it doesn’t surprise me he’d like to open up his options with video. 

The two of us make a great pair for this one reason…we want to see the other succeed. We have never been interested in the same forms of photography so being each other’s competition has never crossed our minds. I am currently focussing on children’s portraiture but ultimately want to delve into photojournalism, whereas he enjoy commercial photography and the post production that goes into his masterpieces. 

Whenever I need an extra pair of hands on a shoot or want to borrow some of his equipment he’s there for me. I am a people person and he is a professional with an eye for perfection. Sometimes I am intimidated by his knowledge of photography, but I never let that get in the way of him teaching me something new, which is nearly a daily occurrence. 

April-Marie Photography & Joseph Brunner Photo are a combination to look out for…just you wait. 

To see some of Joey’s amazing work check out http://www.josephbrunnerphoto.com

Last summer I took this photograph and in post production Joey created what you see above. Stay tuned to see a before and after.


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