Putting a face to the name

I, like many other photographers, would rather be behind the camera then in front of it. Many people do not expect what they get when they first meet me due to lack of photos. Yes I do appear young but that does not mean I am inexperienced or unqualified. Some times a young appearance can hurt business due to preconceived notions. For this reason alone I do not use a typical headshot online, instead I let my photography speak for itself. The photo I use of myself is one of me with a camera covering my face because for the majority of the time that I am with you (the client) this is how you will see me. 

On this rare occasion I will post a photo of myself (see below). Using a self timer, a neutral density filter and a 2 second shutter speed, Joseph and I captured this photo of ourselves at the falls in Port Sydney, Ontario. 


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