What you are paying for when you hire a professional photographer

Anybody can go out and buy a “professional” dslr camera these days and consider themselves a photographer. Because of this the general public would like costs of professional photo shoots to decrease. What some may not understand is all that goes into a single shoot and why you are paying the price you are.

What must be factored into every shoot:

Emails/phone calls to schedule and reschedule shoots

Travel time and gas

Car maintenance

Time of the actual shoot 

Editing afterwards

Delivery of photos/cost to mail them

Packaging of DVDs with images

Equipment costs/Props costs

When you book with April-Marie Photography you are guaranteed a great experience and amazing photos. We make it our mission to put all of our clients at ease so they can enjoy their photo experience. With a formal education in photography and a passion for the art you know you will be happy with what you receive.

As of January 1st 2014 April-Marie Photography’s prices will be increasing. Come the new year the company will be introducing new packaging and new backdrops/props for all of our shoots. At every shoot come the new year April-Marie will also have an assistant to ensure we capture your child’s great smiles! 

*New fully retouched images and print packages will also be introduced.



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