Every Photographer’s WORST Nightmare!

Every photographer’s worst nightmare is losing their images. Recently I had to deal with this exact problem….for a wedding!!! You can be the most careful, most organized and most reliable person but DO NOT TRUST YOUR TECHNOLOGY! Before I even had the chance to put my images on my hard drive and then back THAT up onto another hard drive I ran into a problem. 

While flipping through my images on my camera all of a sudden it went blank. I had not pressed a button, had not deleted or formatted anything…it just went BLACK! My heart sank and I began to panic. A wedding is by far the worst possible thing you could lose photos of. You can’t just go back a redo the ceremony just for photo sake. I quickly checked the info of the CF card. It showed that nothing had been deleted and the images were still there, they were just lost. 

The next morning when I went to transfer the files I hoped they would miraculously appear. They didn’t. Instead of 1 folder the card had created 2 folders. The first folder had my first image and nothing else, the second folder was completely empty. I tried plugging my camera in directly to my computer…the same thing happened. I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong. I knew it had to be the card so quickly I googled the problem and sure enough others had encountered it.

In this case my card was a Kingston CF card. I downloaded Kingston’s data recovery software but they have very out of date software and it would not work on my computer. Instead I had to purchase another company’s software but IT WORKED! 

Lessons learned….

Do not freak out!

Keep the packaging to your memory cards because they often have a pin to the free data recovery software online

Even if you format your card you can still recover your images

Even if its inconvenient using smaller cards can be smart! If you do lose all of your images on a 4gb card its much better than losing all of your images on a 32gb card

Google is a saint!!!


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