My Photography Specials

Growing up we were lucky enough to have professional photos taken by my parent’s friend, but we couldn’t afford an updated family photo every year. I believe I aged about seven years between family photos once. ii

Every Fall and Spring I hold photography specials in High Park. For an affordable price families can come to the park for half an hour and capture some great memories they can hang on their wall or send to family. I started this when I first began my business in the city three years ago. I now charge a lot more for normal family shoots and my schedule has become a lot busier, but I still hold these specials. Spring Special

I begin advertising for these specials 2 months prior to the dates because they are in high demand. I spend countless hours over that time sending emails, updating availability and trying to fit everyone in as much as I can. I have started to ask for deposits up front to hold spots and deter people from cancelling last minute. Apparently this has not helped.

I am extremely disappointed with the amount of no shows and last minute cancellations. To not give any notice that you won’t show up for a scheduled appointment when someone else wanted that spot is very unkind. On high demand days I spend 10 hours in the park with an assistant I have to pay. When clients don’t show up that doesn’t mean I don’t have to pay my assistant. I put on a smile and say “that’s okay” but that’s not true. It hurts me when I put so much time and energy into these events and this is what happens. 7 cancellations in two days is unacceptable. Due to this I will be changing these specials or not holding them at all.

For all of my clients who did show up this weekend, I truly appreciate you and could not run my business without you. I will always give deals to those I can count on…you know who you are 🙂

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