“Making moments last…”

I use photography to capture those raw moments in life that want to be relived. The click of a shutter is like the blink of an eye, but instead of losing that image in ones memory it is forever remembered in print.

Life is not staged and neither are my best pieces of art. The candid acts of love, loss and chaos cannot be recreated honestly. Each image I create evokes an emotion and need not be explained. A great image is like a great book you can reread a hundred times and never get bored of. Each time you read it there is something new you may have missed the previous time around.

The life of a photographer is never over and the possibilties in this field are endless. As long as my finger can press the shutter I will be a photographer. Not bound to one field, I will explore the opportunities that come my way and will continue to capture those moments that tell the best stories. The stories you will share with generations to come.