What it’s like to run a business at 23

A lot of people ask how I’m so young, running a photography business full-time in Canada’s largest city and can afford to pay my rent. The answer… a great support system, a passion for what I do and the drive to succeed. But I’m still far from where I want to be. I started April-Marie […]

What you are paying for when you hire a professional photographer

Anybody can go out and buy a “professional” dslr camera these days and consider themselves a photographer. Because of this the general public would like costs of professional photo shoots to decrease. What some may not understand is all that goes into a single shoot and why you are paying the price you are. What […]

Exposure Show This Weekend!

Exposure Show This Weekend! Do you have an interest in photography? Would you like to get some hands on experience, listen in on educational seminars about studio lighting and find some great deals on merchandise ? Visit the Exposure show presented by Henrys THIS WEEKEND at the International Centre in Mississauga! Learn more at http://www.exposureshow.com/